Leroy Ellis (lellis@isotopelogging.com) is president of recently formed Isotope Logging, Inc. and managing director of Terra Nova Technologies LLC, a Dallas oil and gas consulting firm.  Leroy has a BSc in chemistry, honors I in synthetic organic chemistry and a PhD in organic geochemistry from Curtin University of Technology. He moved from Australia in 1994 to undertake postdoctoral studies on heavy oil characterization at Argonne National Laboratory’s Coal Chemistry Group before joining the former ARCO as an Exploration Research Geochemist in 1996.

Leroy developed the new MGIL technology in collaboration which integrates high density gas sampling with geological and engineering isotopic interpretive techniques. MGIL was developed to address missed-pay assessment, reservoir seal identification and compartmentalization, geochemical (source, maturity, migration) gas characterization on 'all' penetrated hydrocarbon zones, charged reservoir assessment, drilling problems resulting in multiple reservoir communication and down-dip oil prediction. The technique has seen enormous interest in petroleum exploration and production applications, and is now widely used by many major oil and gas corporations.